What is SoulScape?

SoulScape is about recognising that we all have a soul scape that requires our attention. Just like a garden, if left unattended it becomes unkempt. Then if left long enough it’s not a place we want to inhabit.

I’m passionate about encouraging and equipping people to regain, or develop, a deeper knowledge of God. I want to bring laughter, insight, hope, and vision for the future to individuals.

Come on a journey with me and be prepared to have your life, and expectations of God, turned upside-down.

About Deborah


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The discovery that God was not only willing, but longing, to have a deep love relationship with me changed my life.

I am Deborah

I am Deborah - One woman’s journey to the heart of God.

What if you had to lose your life for the sake of truly finding it?

Deborah Bower tells her life-story with openhearted warmth, yet with an unflinching honesty.
It is a story about the quest for love and the experience of Love…

This book is now into its second round of publishing and this brand new edition is now and will be available to purchase as an ebook through Amazon and in paperback direct from Deborah.

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