Mary: Called to be a Disciple

Date: 1st February 2018

Study 1/2 Mary: Called to be a Disciple Read Luke 1.26-56 In this study we continue exploring the way the gospel of Luke develops Mary’s story. Mary is characterised as one of the faithful within Israel at the beginning of Luke’s narrative. In contrast to Zechariah, it is her faith-filled response that is highlighted in MORE »

The dis-ease of change

Date: 30th January 2018

I’ve been reflecting … when do we outgrow the desire to want our mum? For over 60 years my mum has been the one who nurtured, scolded, and sacrificed her own needs to fulfil mine. We have become friends, something I thought impossible when I was 15 years old! The force that is my mother MORE »

Mary: A Woman Discovered … part 1 of 2

Date: 22nd December 2017

When you, or I, read we are constantly remembering what’s gone before in the narrative, although this is quite often done at a subconscious level. Therefore if we are attentive readers we will be inclined to remember what’s been happening. We are helped in this process by the author who puts subtle hints into the story that help us recall what’s already been mentioned, while at the same time adding, or foreshadowing events that are about to unfold. This is crucial for our reading of Mary, and the other women we will encounter in this series, because Luke is assuming that his audience is familiar with the scriptures of Israel. The whole story of Jesus is based on the promise of restoration God made to Israel, beginning with Abraham!
Mary stands at the beginning of Luke’s gospel as a nascent Israel ready to embrace her destiny in God’s unfolding plan of salvation. She stands at the beginning of a new line that will be better and greater than that of Israel’s predecessors.

see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil … disregarding our fears is hazardous to our health

Date: 2nd December 2017

Fear is humanities’ greatest threat. Our fears, whether perceived, or real, have the power to destroy us. Some fears are birthed from physical abuse, or emotional neglect. Other fears are around our ego, and our sense of self. Phycologists have noted that ‘fear of abandonment’ sits at the root of all our human fears. Now I’m not talking about being left alone, and uncared for, although that can be very real for children. Fear of abandonment can be described as fear of being humiliated, or not being heard. It can be a feeling of inadequacy, or fearful that someone will discover that we are flawed. We are unlovable and without meaningful connection to others.

No more shame … only life in its abundance

Date: 25th November 2017

Just imagine this woman who has been married five times, only to be rejected five times. Each time hope rising that she would produce a child, only to be disappointed again. With each rejection her shame increases. Finally she settles for the only option available to her, to live as a prostitute. She is no longer eligible for marriage.

Living Water … Come Drink!

Date: 8th November 2017

I don’t know about you, but there have been times in my life when I have felt isolated from the other people around me. Nothing is glaringly obvious, but somewhere deep in my soul I’ve felt a profound sense of rejection. Our need for meaningful connection is a very human trait, but sadly sometimes we MORE »

Introducing The Woman at the Well

Date: 2nd November 2017

I am really excited about this weekend, speaking with a group of women from all over New Zealand about encountering God in our deepest place. The delight for me is delving deeper into the scriptures and seeing how relevant it still is for us today. For so many of us, we read the words on MORE »