To ‘see’ our own reflection clearly … we must learn to trust God’s mercy

Date: 8th August 2018

“God is merciful, showing us our true hideousness only in proportion to the courage he gives us to bear the sight.”

Wow when I read that my heart stopped, well almost! 

I was struck again about the capacity to deceive myself. The ugliness that lies within the depths of my soul is beyond my imagination. I can relate to the anguished cry of the apostle Paul, Oh what a wretched person am I … who will save me from this life that is caught in a web of sin and death. (author’s version of Romans 7.24)

To be confronted with the truth; that no matter how much I may think I’m walking righteously with Christ, I will ALWAYS need my motives, thoughts, attitudes, desires, and actions to be scrutinised by a God who know my weakness, yet whose mercy knows no bounds.

As awful as it sounds to be confronted with such deception at the heart of me, I am also astounded that a God of grace and mercy is not only willing, but is able to transform me from the inside out.

Of course it takes courage to look ourselves in the eye and seek to see the shadows that hide just under the surface, but what joy and hope there is that we are not held prisoner to such darkness.

May I encourage you to look and see the God who brings life and hope to our dark places … no shame, just life in its fullness if we are courageous enough to let him in!



Quote from Francis Fenelon, The Royal Way of the Cross (Cape Cod: Paraclete Press, 1982), 38.

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