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Deborah has over twenty years experience in biblical based preaching, leadership workshops, pastoral supervision, and spiritual life coaching. She has worked across all streams of Christian expression, and with various groups. Her area of expertise is in encouraging and equipping people to regain, or develop, spiritual and emotional connection to God. Deborah has a passion for opening up the Scriptures to reveal the heart and character of God.

Motivational Speaker

Deborah’s passionate about encouraging and equipping people to regain, or develop, a deeper knowledge and relationship, with God. She brings laughter, insight, hope, and vision for the future to individuals of all ages, and stages. Her message is authentic, powerful, and totally relevant. Her biblically based teaching, and prophetically inspired ministry, opens up the scriptures to reveal the heart and character of God in ways that you would not expect. Be prepared to have your life, and expectations of God, turned upside-down.

Speaker sessions generally fall into 4 categories:

1. A general biblical/literary exploration of the Bible in its ancient historical and cultural context, and how that relates to us now. Deborah has a unique ability to bring the Bible alive and show its relevance to our modern lives.

2. The Shape of Leadership – how to develop capacity in our key people. This is a biblically based workshop designed to develop leadership skills, and to experience Christ as the focal point.

3. Personal growth seminars/workshops focusing on topics relating to the development of emotional and spiritual growth from a biblical perspective.

4. Women’s seminars are a sub-section of the personal growth seminars mentioned above, but also include sound biblical/literary exploration.

Topics that Deborah has offered range from Prophetic Voice workshops; More than Conquerors (a life lived without fear and anxiety); Jesus in his cultural context; Tending the Life Within (Learning to recognise our false inner-voices); Is Jesus’ God the same God as the God of the Old Testament?

Seminars are usually delivered in four, one hour sessions, but single speaker sessions, or day workshops are available and can be tailored to suit any audience or setting.

“It was not difficult to stay completely connected to what Deborah was revealing at the study day. She speaks with fluency, clarity and with a depth and breadth of understanding that tied together many years of threads of ideas that had been drifting about in my mind”.  JM

 “Thanks so much for an awesome workshop Deborah!!! Came away feeling free, and reminded of my amazing identity in God. So cool to be encouraged and taught in what our true needs are! Thank you!”  CG

“I did enjoy it  – read [the workbook] it all in one sitting. Made me want to read Romans again and to trust in suffering. Can’t go wrong with these results!”  AC

“Deborah has been our Church Camp Speaker a couple of times and I highly recommend her. She communicates the truth of God with both insight and humour, and has an ability to read a crowd which really enhances her effectiveness. You will find her ministry to be a real blessing”.
Brent Davie, Pastor, Gore Baptist Church

“In Nov 2017 Deborah was keynote speaker for Presbyterian Women Aotearoa NZ at our National Gathering.  We gave her the theme of ‘we are….’ and we discussed in general terms what it means for us to come to the well prior to our gathering.  Over the three days in three sessions Deborah took the women on a profound journey.  She shared parts of her life in ways to engender trust.  She lead us on a journey in scripture in ways that the women were compelled to want more. And most importantly Deborah then wove her messages all together and offered the women a chance to see where they sat in the story.  Deborah’s content was as rich and deep as the women attending, yet as reachable to each and every person as they needed it to be.   We are looking forward to the continued connection we have with Deborah this year as she will be running mini gatherings for us around the country – meeting women where they are”.  

Rev Erin Pendreigh, President PWANZ

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Pastoral Supervision

Pastoral supervision is recommended for anyone working in pastoral or front line services. It concentrates on the development of both the personal, as well as the professional formation of the supervisee. Discussion is centred around issues of pastoral responsibility and integrity, relationships, and personal growth. The discussion is often more directional, with a balanced emphasis on personal rather than purely professional development. 
Deborah holds a PhD in Theology from Otago University and has over 20 years experience in pastoral supervision.  Her experience also includes being the Interim Minister for the Wakatipu Community Church (Presbyterian) for a period of thirteen months. Deborah is an accredited StrengthsFinder Coach with Strengths Network South Pacific.
Deborah is the founder and Director of SoulScape, which has PCANZ Presbytery recognition. She is also Convenor of the Leadership Sub Committee of PCANZ, and she sits on several national committees for the PCANZ.
Supervision sessions are available face to face or via telephone, or Skype and a 1 hour session is $95.
“I have found her [Deborah’ supervision] to be very professional. She brings together a good therapeutic background balanced by pastoral experience and wisdom. I have found that she is very supportive as well as being quietly thought-provoking. I recommend Deborah as a supervisor”. Rev’d Chris T
“The time I spend in supervision with Deborah via Skype is a sacred space. It is a time for me to be heard and together we explore what God might be saying to me at this time. Deborah regularly picks up on things that I say, often a throwaway remark, and offers new perspectives and new possibilities. Through her guidance I have become more aware of my strengths, which has helped me understand how I am wired. The insights and strategies that Deborah has shared with me over the past three years are proving invaluable when the ‘wheels start to wobble'”. Rev’d Jenny T

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